About Me

This is what I do.

I am a lead UI engineer at Sophos by day, and generally trying to learn new things or gaming at night. I’ve been a technical professional since 1996 and have been writing code in one language or another since 2000. I’m currently fully invested in JavaScript but considering dabling with Elm, Rust or both. I really enjoy keeping up with new technologies that are coming out, devops type things, and tweaking my development environment.

This is a place where I would like to document things that I’m learning about. Generally speaking I tend to learn about technical things like programming and devops. You may find blatent innacuracy’s in some of my post’s but I assure you that’s not intentional. If you find something that you believe to be innacurate please let me know so that I can get it corrected.

My goal is to try and post something at least weekly. I may even try to do some recording and host the videos on YouTube. If there is something that you would like for me to look into, let me know.