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Portfolio: Schedule an event

Posted on 2 February 2020

I ran across a UI that looked interesting through a newsletter I get called "UI Movement" ( The UI is pretty basic, it is a component that allows one to "schedule a demo" based on a date and time. You can view the original concept here ( It looked like it would be a lot of fun to build and it was. I chose React to build this because I don't get to use it as much as I would like and I've not had a chance to play with "hooks" yet, so I took this opportunity to figure out what they were all about.

Pi Wall Project

Posted on 6 April 2018

A while back I acquired a Raspberry PI from the recruiter that got me my current job. I wasn't sure what to do with it for a while but I eventually ran across a wall-board someone had made, I believe it was this one I thought it was a fabulous idea so I set out to build my own. However I made a few modifications.

AWS CodeStar

Posted on 28 February 2018

When I decided to start this blog I had to spend some time figuring out a few things like where I wanted to host it. I've always been a fan of AWS, I've been using it in some fashion ever since it came out. So when I was registering my domain in Route53 this thing called CodeStar under the Services list caught my eye. Then I read the first line of the description.

Starting a new blog

Posted on 24 February 2018

I'm constantly learning new things. I'm a Frontend Engineer by trade and that space is constantly evolving. I've always liked the idea of blogging, but I've never really done much of it. Part of the reason is that I really like my editor (Emacs). I don't like the idea of typing a bunch of text into a textarea as in for a blog post for a couple of reasons. First, it doesn't have vim bindings. I can barely type anymore if vim bindings are not present. Secondly, I have actually lost form data before due to session timeouts and such so I just don't like typing large amounts of text into forms. I was excited the other day to find a Chrome addon that handles both of these concerns called Atomic Chrome.