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Posted on 4 January 2022

As of late last year, when my work gave me a System76 Linux machine I'm now officially 100% on Linux both at work and at home. I'm also a programmer and on both my home and work machines I have a directory under my $HOME called dev where I store all of my coding projects. Most of the apps I install come from a package manager like apt, however from time to time I find the need to compile a project from source. For example, I use Emacs as my coding editor and occasionally there will be a new feature available on the main branch that is not available in the current shipping package. Right now that is project management that will be available in v28 but the current shipping version (as of this writing) is v27. If I want that feature then I have to build Emacs myself. The question is, where do I put this project because I don't really want it in my $HOME/dev directory with all my own projects.

GIMP as a screenshot tool for Linux

Posted on 15 February 2020

As a Frontend Developer by trade, I take lots and lots of screenshots. Windows and MacOS both have several good options for taking screenshots. The one I like a lot on my Mac is Monosnap but they did not have a solution for Linux until recently. Now they have a browser addon that does just about everything that the MacOS app does. One thing that is missing is the ability to call it up with a hotkey and while taking screenshots outside of the browser is possible, its not as seamless as the MacOS app is. That said, as a Frontend Developer, 99 percent of my screenshots are taken inside the browser anyway.

How to recover data from a memory card for free

Posted on 21 July 2010

I am closing down my old blog on and I didn't have much content over there and this was and article I felt like preserving.

So a friend of mine took some pictures on her camera which contains an SD card but for some reason was unable to retrieve the pictures off of it. I have a similar camera and a Mac she has Windows. Many times I’ve been able to access data on removable drives on my Mac that were inaccessible on Windows but not this time.