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Posted by on 5 May 2012

I am closing down my old blog on and I didn't have much content over there and this was and article I felt like preserving.

Since I have been using Vim almost exclusively lately I made myself a cheat sheet to help me remember some stuff. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, just some things that I don’t know how to do off the top of my head that I wrote down and ended up getting a little carried away. Just thought I would share:


hCount characters left
lCount characters right
^To the first character of the line.
$To the last character of the line.
fTo the counth character occurrence to the right. F to the counth character occurrence to the left.
tTo 1 character just before the counth character occurrence to the right.
TTo 1 character just before the counth character occurrence to the left.
wCount words forward.
WCount words forward (different definition for what a word is, includes special characters and such.)
eCount forward to the end of word.
bCount words backward.
y{motion}Yank into register
g~{motion}Toggle case
gu{motion}Make lowercase
gU{motion}Make uppercase
>{motion}Shift right
<g{motion}Shift left

Buffer management

<C-^> or Switch to the buffer you just left.

Split windows

s or :sp[lit] Split file horizontally.
v or :vsp[lit] Split file vertically.
wCycle between open windows.
hFocus the window to the left.
jFocus the window below.
kFocus the window above.
lFocus the window to the right.
:cl[ose] cClose the active window.
:on[ly] oKeep only the active window, closing all others.


:setlocal spellEnable spell checker
]sJump to next spelling error.
[sJump to previous spelling error.
z=Suggest corrections for current word.
zgAdd the current word to spell file.
zwRemove the current word from spell file.

Code folding

zf{motion}Folds code when "foldmethod" set to manual or "marker".
zaToggle fold at cursor.
zoOpens fold at cursor.
zcClose fold at cursor.
zROpen all.
zMClose all.

Search and replace

:args **/*.txtMulti-file Step 1) populate the argument list with the files you want to search.
:argdo %s/search/replace/gcMult-file Step 2) replace all occurrences of search with replace but prompt before doing so.
*Search for the word under the cursor.


:jumpsDisplay the jump list.
Jump backwards through the jump list.
Jump forwards through the jump list.
:changesDisplay the change list.
g;Jump backwards through the changes list.
g,Jump forwards through the changes list.
gfjump to the file name under the cursor.


:marksDisplay the marks list.
mSet a file bookmark.
mSet a buffer bookmark.
'Jump to the mark.
''Jump to the line in the current buffer where jumped from.
:delmarks Delete specified mark.
:delmarks a-dDelete marks a through d
:delmarks a,b,x,yDelete only marks a,b,x and y.
:delmarks!Delete all lower case marks.


:registersDisplay the register list.
"{motion}Overwrite or use contents of register.
"{motion}Append or use contents of register.
0Populated with last yanked text.


q{register}Start recording and store it in the specified register.
qStop recording.
{count}@{register}Execute specified macro count times.


:mksession /path/to/session.vimA Session keeps the Views for all windows, plus the global settings.
:source /path/to/session.vimOpen a session from within Vim.
vim -S /path/to/session.vimStart Vim with a session.

Quickfix window

:copenOpen the quickfix window.
:cclClose it.
:cwOpen it if there are "errors", close it otherwise (some people prefer this).
:cnGo to the next error in the window.
:cnfGo to the first error in the next file.
:cc{num}Go to the error by number.
keymove to
%End of construct
[[Backwards to the beginning of the current function.
][Forwards to the beginning of the current function.
]}Beginning of the current block.
[{End of the current block.
}[Beginning of the current comment block.
}]End of the current comment block.
gdFirst usage of the current variable name. (Mnemonic: go to definition).
gDGo to the first global usage of the current variable name.
ggBeginning of file.
GEnd of file.


keymove to
~<C-]>~follow link
~~jump back

Addon References


CtrlPInvoke ctrl-p in file mode.
F5Purge the cache for the current directory.
Cycle between modes.
Switch to filename instead of full path.
Switch to regex mode.
Navigate the result list.
..To go up the directory tree.
:Excute command against the file.
:Jump to line number.


gc{motion}Toggle comments (for small comments within one line the &filetype_inline style will be used, if defined).
gccToggle comment for the current line.
C{motion}Comment region.
CcComment the current line.


Gstatusgit status (- to add/reset changes)
Gcommitgit commit
Gmovegit move
Gremovegit rm
Ggrepgit grep
Gloggit log
Gbrowseopen current file on Github
Git run arbitrary git command


csChange old delimeter to new.
dsRemove delimeters.
ysiwWrap current word.
SWhile in visual mode.


[hPrevious hunk
]hNext hunk


vEnable characterwise Visual mode.
Enable linewise Visual mode.
Enable blockwise Visual mode.
gvReselect the last visual selection.
oGo to other end of highlighted text.
"+pPaste from system clipboard.
:0,$dDelete every line in a file.
Increment number.
Decrement number.
vitSelect contents inside of an HTML tag.
:mapList all currently define mappings.
:verbose mapDisplay where mapping was defined.
g/{pattern}/dDelete every line matching pattern.
v/{pattern}/dDelete every line not matching pattern.
:w !sudo tee %Save a file with sudo that you opened with proper permissions.
bufdo {command}Execute specified command on every buffer.
{trigger}i{container}Inside some container like brackets, tag, or parenthesis for example.
:eRefresh or reload buffer

Merge Conflicts

(requires the fugitive plugin)

Target      |       Working     |       Merge
//2                                     //3

[c and ]c to navigate between conflicts

:diffget //2 or //3
$ git add .
$ git commit -m 'message'

Build from source

$ cd ~
$ hg clone
$ hg tags | grep less # find out what latest stable build is
$ hg checkout <latest_stable>
$ cd vim
$ ./configure --with-features=huge \
            --enable-rubyinterp \
            --enable-pythoninterp \
            --enable-gui=gtk2 --enable-cscope --prefix=/usr
$ make VIMRUNTIMEDIR=/opt/local/share/vim/vim73
$ make install

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